Sometimes You Just Gotta Do It Anyways

Hello everyone. : )

Yes, you’re right, it has been a long time since my last post. You know that lack of motivation I mentioned in it? That applied to this blog as well! Then, even once I started getting motivated again (coming along somewhat with that goal!), I had trouble finding the right time. I was always too tired, didn’t feel like I had enough time, or couldn’t think of a good topic. But you know what?

Sonetimes you just gotta do it anyways.

I really don’t have tons of time right now, as you’ll see from how short this is. And I don’t have something brilliant or deep to say. But I really want to keep this blog going, and I know God planted it in my heart so I want to keep serving Him in this way. There are lots of times in life when we are waiting for the perfect conditions to do something. It could be anything, ranging from something as simple as this blog post to something as momentous as starting a family. But, if we’re honest, there is rarely a ‘perfect’ time for anything. Often, we just have to jump in and make the best of things. And if that something is God’s will, then we KNOW He’ll be right there, giving us what we need as we need it. All He asks of us is the faith and courage to take that first step, no matter the external circumstances.

And we always end up glad we did. I know I am! : )